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the Mixtape (Special Edition)

I have a great number of people in my life who are totally hands-off when it comes to technology. They wouldn't read an ebook even if it contained winning lottery numbers buried within its pages. Therefore, these dear readers have missed out on all of my web-only stories and that's a travesty. These stories have appeared solely online in various publications or were available as free downloads.


Initially, I published them in this Special Edition paperback - the Mixtape, making it available only in print, through my website, or at one of my live book events! And that worked for a while, then people started requesting it for their devices and I hated having to turn them down. So now, it's also available in eBook...and all of the other channels!


The Mixtape (Special Edition) is a collection of seven web-only stories by Kenya Moss-Dyme. 
Dead to Me – In an upscale neighborhood, a woman wages a lonely battle against the undead 
Groundhog – A pair of cheaters attempt to rid themselves of their problem with unexpected results 
Cornflower Farms – A game of Ding Dong Ditch forever changes the lives of three childhood friends 
Peanut Butter Kisses – A mother takes unparalleled steps to prove her love for her son 
The Spelling Bee – An alien plays a game of cat and mouse with the hunter sent for its capture  
Patchwork – A healing gift is also a tool of vengeance for a jilted wife 
Roar – Road kill is the order of the day for an outcast in a small town 


To order or preview from retail, click one of the online store buttons. To order a signed copy with bonuses direct from the author, click the TikTok button.




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