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Gwendolyn Kiste Blog - Women in Horror Special 2018 Edition:  Join Gwendolyn at the roundtable with nine incredible female authors who are creating some of the very best and most cutting edge work in horror literature today 

For the Love of Horror - Part 1

The Underrated and the Political - Part 2

Advice for the Future - Part 3

What's Next - Part 4

Gwendolyn Kiste Blog A Perfect Nightmare

Sirens Call Publications - Women in Horror Issue #25 (collaborative interview)

Black Women Horror Writers to Read Now (mentioned)

The Book Nymph PR (October Issue) - Short story exclusive: Peanut Butter Kisses by Kenya Moss Dyme, ONLY in this special Horror edition!

Cultured Vultures - Second book syndrome: Authors share their stories

Journalistic Expressions - Author Highlight: Kenya Moss-Dyme

Graveyard Shift Sisters - Black Women in Horror, Kenya Moss-Dyme (Daymares review)

The Urb's Book of the Month - "If she were a stick of dynamite someone must have already lit the fuse because she is about to blow up."

Urban Fiction News - Author Spotlight with Kenya Moss-Dyme

OOSA Book Club - "It was one of the best books I've read."

In The Spotlight with Mahogany Law - "Creating stories that will keep you wanting more.."

Write Like a Wizard - Presenting an interview with Author Kenya Moss-Dyme - Short Reviews - Kenya Moss-Dyme - Author Speaks with Kenya Moss-Dyme - "My mother was a writer so it’s in my blood...."



Conversations with Sapphire JBlue - February is Women in Horror month and Kenya is the special guest in this three-part podcast:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


I Found This Great Book A special Halloween interview with literary jewel Curtis Anderson!

Michigan Literary Network - Kenya discusses her work with host Andrea Daniel

96KIX FM with Kimberly Kaye - Author of the Week, Kenya Moss-Dyme

WTF with JoDee and Kenitra - The Divas of Horror, Kenya Moss-Dyme and D.K. Mason

The Writer's Block - Kenya speaks with radio host Brenda Michelle

Tea with Kenya - Phenomenal horror author Lori Titus and literary publicist Katara Johnson put Kenya in the hot seat at Katara's Cafe



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