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As a child, I realized that my entertainment choices leaned more toward ghosts and goblins, than princesses and fairy godmothers. I began writing short-form horror in my teens and won several scholastic writing awards. Prey for Me - the hard-hitting story of a monstrous child-abusing preacher - was my first published full-length novel back in early 2014, followed by the Amazon best-selling dark romance, A Good Wife. I firmly planted my foot in the horror genre with the Halloween 2014 release of Daymares, followed by The Mixtape and The Forever Souls. Subsequent appearances include the anthologies, Winter’s Chill, Forever Vacancy, Black Magic Women, and Deadly Bargain.

I enjoy writing about zombies and supernatural entities the most. But there's nothing scarier to me than HUMANS and our unimaginable depths of depravity. That's what I love to explore in my writing, characters that are like the people you think you know - but you really don't know after all.

When not staring at a blank page trying to force the words to come, you might find me shooting the undead or playing Beat Saber in my Meta Quest VR headset.

Fun fact – One of my hobbies is collecting Funko Pops of black horror movie icons. My latest (and favorite) custom was Sam from “The Last of Us”.

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