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Daymares - DRAFT Version eCover.jpg


Daymares is a 230 page collection of seven disturbing little tales of terror by Kenya Moss-Dyme: 

In Baby Mine, a woman faces the ultimate ‘morning-after’ following a lust-filled night with a brutish former lover; 

A landlord rules his apartment building with sharp precision in 1st of the Month; 

Junebug/The Flat Earth tells the story of a little boy who refuses to lie down and play nice with his tormented stepmother; 

Ride takes you on a 911 call when a cop with a secret meets his karma in the cornfields; 

A grieving widower mourns the loss of his selfish and controlling better half in Her Things; 

An innocent game of Tag takes a frightening turn when the little ones hang out at the Playground; and, 

A Colder Kind of Hell brings us the story of a crafty defense lawyer who is so good at his job that all hell breaks loose. (230 pages)


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