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A Good Wife: Traci's Story

This sensitive drama takes you inside the mind of Traci, the best friend you love to hate from the original bestselling hit, A Good Wife, by Kenya Moss-Dyme.  In that twisted tale, Malcolm and Traci’s plan to legitimize their affair blows up in their faces as secrets are exposed and a lifelong friendship is recklessly destroyed.  ‘Traci’s Story’ finds Traci attempting to rebuild her life after finally being released from the prison of Malcolm’s lust and her own selfishness.  Along the way to redemption, she confronts her painful past and faces some harsh truths about her life choices.


But who is Traci, really? Is she a sympathetic soul with wounds of her own – or is she just a cold-hearted vixen with ice in her veins? 


Find out as we explore the darkness in Traci’s heart as she seeks forgiveness from Alesha, the only real friend she’s ever known. The question remains - can she forgive herself?


WARNING: Contains explicit sexual content and violence. Intended for mature audiences only.   (216 pages)

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