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Cheat Sheet

Listen, I had so much fun putting together this special bundle for 'Sick xoxo' - it's my first book box! While I carefully selected these items to match the stories inside the book, I also made some irreversible mistakes that I want to alert everyone to before you dig into your box. I created this online 'Cheat Sheet' to help you "get" my vision for the items and understand how they fit in with the stories.

Have fun reading the book and watching for the appearance or significance of each item! A couple of stories don't have items because I just couldn't think of anything to go with it, without being distasteful (Labor Pains, for instance, you'll understand why, once you read it.)

Several of the items have QR codes on them and that was my mistake. I went a little QR crazy! Only (1) QR code really matters and that's the club flyer for YTK Kev's Listening Party. PLEASE SCAN THAT CODE AND ENJOY THE SURPRISE!! The other codes just go to my website so once you scan one, you've seen it already. But make sure you check out our boy YTK Kev!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book and the package. Of course, I would love it if you could make an unboxing video and review the book when you have time but that's totally optional.

Thank you for your support - enjoy the nightmares!

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Story - Matching item

Limbo - playing cards OR Mayweather Automotive keychain
The Kids are Alright - YTK Kev Listening Party card with QR code (scan this one!)
B.M.G. - matchbook
Groundhog - leaf notepad (newest addition, 04/08)
Men Don't Leave - chicken sandwich charm OR chicken sandwich coaster
Bruce Loves Mary - Medusa necklace OR Medusa tattoo
Unfuck Me - cellphone magnet
The Iceman Cometh - beast sticker OR "ticket to hell" pin
Lovesick - condom
Pins and Needles - voodoo doll
Seed - mating clinic business card OR mating clinic employee lanyard


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