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Add some personality to your fridge with this bookish die-cut magnet designed for authors. Featuring the bold statement "I am a Black Woman who writes..." and your chosen Horror, Thrillers, Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy genres. Pick one or more for the multi-genre authors (like myself)!

  • Quantity: 1 magnets per pack
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Shape: Die-cut
  • Measures: 3" height, 2.5" width

This magnet makes great author swag or keepsake to show off your love for writing. Also makes a great gift for the author in your life. Stick it on your fridge or magnetic board as an inspiring reminder of your passion.


The high-quality heavyweight and durable vinyl material ensures the magnet will stay in place without slipping or falling off. Its die-cut shape adds an extra touch of uniqueness that will make it stand out among other magnets.


Treat yo'self!

"I'm a Black Woman who writes..."

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