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Have you ever been reading a book and you tell yourself, "I have to make sure to mention this in my review!"

Then you finish the book and suddenly you have to make dinner. And eat. And go to the gym. And go to bed.

Now it's two weeks later and you see the book sitting on the coffee table, so you think, "Let me write this review real quick before I completely forget...."

Uh. Oh.

Blanks. Total blanks.


If you're anything like me - you need these book review sticky notes! Peel off one sheet and stick it inside the cover of the book so you can conveniently fill it out as you read! It will stay with the book until you remove it. And with a pad of 50 notes, you'll have plenty to last for a while. If you're a big reader, get TWO!

Always forget what you read? Keep track of your book reviews with our Book Review Sticky Notes! Each pack comes with 50 adhesive sheets, perfect for quickly jotting down your thoughts on a book before they slip away.


  • Convenient: Stick one in each book for easy access when you are ready to write a review.
  • Efficient: Quickly jot down notes to make writing reviews easier.

This customized product is perfect for avid readers, students, and anyone looking to keep track of their reading list. Don't let another great book slip through the cracks - grab a pack of Book Review Sticky Notes today!


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Book Review Sticky Notes

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