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A Good Wife: Post-Coital

Post-Coital continues the tale of former best friends, Alesha and Traci, still picking up the pieces after finally breaking free of their toxic attachment to Malcolm McBride. 

In the final, explosive tale, we find Alesha navigating the dating world as a single mother, until a tragedy brings her back home to face Malcolm in a veritable showdown of wills. 

While Traci may have finally settled into a comfortable and secure domestic life with a loving protector, but a well meaning act of transparency could signal the end of her peace.

Dr. Bethany Wayne is the real centerpiece of this story. This time, it’s she who needs healing, but a new friend may pose a bigger threat to her life than she ever imagined possible.

An emotional rollercoaster from start to finish!


WARNING: Contains explicit sexual content and violence. Intended for mature audiences only.   (195 pages)

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