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Winter's Chill (Anthology)

Versatile New York Times bestselling author, Omar Tyree, writes a chilling zombie tale based on the Miami bath salts epidemic of  2012. When an ill-advised lab rat experiment goes haywire in the makeshift warehouse laboratory of a young Northern scientist, a nearby town of the homeless and drug addicted become an unexpected army of human guinea pigs in desperate need of a cure.

Kenya Moss-Dyme adds a page-turner about a young woman's harrowing journey through cancer treatment at the hands of a beguiling nurse who gives her more than normal care. The patient morphs into something unrecognizable, as the mystery unravels and she unleashes a surprise of her own for the twisted nurse upon her return.


Meanwhile, Sentu Taylor writes about an unfortunate Seattle, Washington cop, who may have just taken on the final undercover case of his young career when he's assigned to find out the whereabouts of disappearing vagrants in the cold Northwest. The unsuspecting officer stumbles upon a bloody cult who have no tolerance or mercy for cops.


In our final story, D.K. Mason shares the tale of a Southern Georgia community destroyed through a vengeful history of seduction,  sin, repentance and the conjuring of good versus evil. Years later, when a group of campers arrive,, they find more than they bargained for when the legend unfolds before their eyes and an evil that still remains.


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