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As an author myself, I know better than anyone the importance of presenting high quality work and promotional materials that enhance your brand. Chat with me about custom book formatting so the interior of your paperback should be just as intriguing as the story you weave. Don't just pop your text into a website template and call it done - no one will remember that obvious free subdomain full of ads - I'll develop a "grown-up" website with your domain name that is uniquely YOU. 


Check out my available services below and let's talk!

Book Formatting Services

You've got a fantastic book cover - shouldn't the inside look just as good? I can make your paperbacks POP with custom formatting! Why settle for plain, boring pages of text - let me create stylized layouts, drop-caps and borders; give your paperback pizazz with designer fonts and images. I can format your file and create a table of contents, headers, footers and more.  Formatting for eBooks available, including Kindle, Nook and iBooks. Prices start at $40 for up to 200 pages.

Marketing Graphics

Need 3D book images or website banners? Promos for advertising your book? Creative and professional-looking posters and ad campaigns to help promote your book, as well as 3D book covers, packaging and device displays. Prices start around $10 for 3D image set; ask for a quote on promos.

Website Design

Sure, you could just click and drag your way to a cookie-cutter website with an extra long domain name - but what does that say about your brand? Let me design your site in Wordpress, Joomla or even Wix - did you know that you can not only customize your Wix site and remove the ads, but you can use your own domain name! Don't follow the crowd - build a site that stands out from the crowd! Site design, domain setup and SEO starting at $150.

Book Trailers

Want an exciting way to tell your story? Book trailers are a stunning visual representation of your book. Music, images and animation make your book come alive and entice viewers to want to read. I make trailers that are catchy, fun and appealing. Let's talk about what I can do for you! Custom trailers using your text and images starting at $75 for a two minute video.

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